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"Hear The Cry Of Your Bride" 

by David Harris & Eric Russo

This song was recorded live in 2011 at a conference at the Wine Cellar Worship Center. I fade it out after about 7 minutes as it went on for about 30 minutes. I believe this song will be used by the Lord to release a wave of healing anointing in the Third Great Awakening which is now upon us and growing. 

"Amazing Grace" like you never heard it before... by David Harris

The Song of Creation...A Very Special Video: 

This musical drama is set to the tones of recorded radio waves in space that are converted back to their original source (the corresponding sound waves that create the light they display). All light comes from sound... No light...therefore there is sound in space and it is not the vacuum it was once thought to be. The sounds of the vela pulsar makes a wild drum beat. The sounds of stars, the coronal loops of the sun, planetary motion, and solar winds are used and arranged musically. Also sounds of earth are mixed in. The sounds of birds, ocean waves, seagulls, earthquake, a clanging bell in the wind, whales, and finally a hurricane provides the effect that brings the sound of applause. Oh and the crying baby depicting the new creation at the end is priceless. The music, scripture narration, and video loops are so fine-tuned that if you blink you will miss something. Enjoy!!