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Mike Bickle and David Bradshaw declaring Bob Jones Prophecies Finally Coming To Pass

Relevant Prophetic Words That Speak Into Revival 

Judah Harris declaring releasing The Magnum Opus sound of the 

Voice of the Father

1) David Harris... Spontaneous New Sounds of worship wooing, and swooning Click Here 

2) Hope Reeder... An open vision of the East Coast Click Here

3) David Harris...Critical Mass has arrived! Click Here‚Äč

4) David Harris... revival in New England, America, and the nations Click Here

5) 18 minute prophetic video YouTube word on the end times by David Harris recorded in my office chair with my studio program Click Here 


Don't let old man concieved and built structures of religion hold you back from the NEW of what God is about to pour out!

The Chicago Fire / A prophetic word on Revival in the U.S. by David Harris