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Shekinah Ministries is one in which to sow into for harvest...welcome to the Third Great Awakening Movement! Co-laboring with Shekinah is co-laboring with the work of God and an outpouring of Holy Spirit. Shekinah Ministries is called to impart to and equip prophetic worship musicians and evangelists with skills for the harvest. It is time for the "Harvest At Gate Beautiful." Shekinah Ministries is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donating is tax deductible (save your emailed receipts). Join the Third Great Awakening, don't just watch it! The whole Church at large is called to co-labor with God. Now is the time! To make a one time donation of any amount with a debit or credit card, click on the "Donate" Link below. Or to partner with us monthly click the donate page drop down menu above to go to the "partner with us" page. Thank you for your generous gift and partnership in the harvest! 

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Partnering is fruitful to this high calling. If you want to sow for the long haul into this ministry by making a commitment to a monthly partnership, simply choose an option below in the drop down menu and select a monthly gift. Click subscribe, and enter your information. Thank you again!