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David & Judah Harris

David & Judah Harris of Shekinah Ministries have been ministering together in prophetic worship and the Word since 1997. They planted a work called “The Wine Cellar Worship Center” in two different locations between 2004 and 2012. The focus was always worship and prophetic ministry. They have seen the miraculous works of Holy Spirit and healing throughout the years with signs and wonders following. Sometimes signs that make you wonder:) David is the author of two books; "The Song of Creation." and "Signs, Wonders, and Worship." He is currently senior minister at Shekinah Ministries in Chaplin, CT. 

Both David and Judah have had recent visitations from the Lord in person, and have been nursing a 17 year old prophetic vision to reap a great "Harvest at Gate Beautiful," The open public court yards. They have a clear mandate to activate and equip the local church to increase the level of worship intensity and prophetic release in their meetings. They have a passion for worshipers to reach the lost in the fields and cities of New England and to co-labor with Holy Spirit in this Third Great Awakening that is NOW upon us and ever increasing. David & Judah’s vision is to see God release revival globally with radical prophetic worship on the wings that ravishes the heart of God! They currently reside in the land of Gate Beautiful.